Posted by: 12. June 2013

A Job Shop’s Brighter Outlook

Something felt unusual about Baklund R&D compared to other CNC machining job shops. I couldn’t put my finger on the difference until I took this photo of shop owner Jon Baklund and his son Justin. The camera’s automatic flash did not go off.

This practically never happens. In machine shops, the lighting is typically too dim for optimal photography. But at Baklund R&D, for the sake of the positive spirits of the people in the shop, Mr. Baklund told me he had invested in strong, clear, rich lighting.

I could feel that very effect. The shop felt like an engaging and enriching environment even before I identified this difference. While the impact is unmeasurable, my guess is that the higher employee morale translates to improved output and innovation by which the shop owner will easily recoup his investment.

The illumination isn’t the only example of an investment that makes this shop distinctive. The shop also bought—and has dramatically benefited from—a production 3D printer.

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