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A New Tool for School

FANUC’s new fenceless CERT cart is designed to help students gain the skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s advanced manufacturing environment.

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Featured Articles

ZONE: Die/Mold

The Acquisition Next Door

A Chicago-area maker of mechanical seals purchased the die maker adjacent to it in the same building. The seal maker’s CEO says the way to expand is by capitalizing on the opportunities that come.


Optimal Machine Cell Automation

A leading manufacturer of emergency warning lights explores its options in designing an automated machining cell, finding the perfect solution for its application in an enclosed multi-pallet loader newly available on the U.S. market.


The CNC as Nerve Center

In the move to data-driven manufacturing, communication and data transfer have to be possible in all directions. The machine control is a sort of "hub" in the manufacturing environment.

Metalworking Business Index

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Metalworking Business Index Shows Continued Contraction

With a reading of 43.2, Gardner’s Metalworking Business Index showed that the industry contracted in October for the seventh month in a row. While the index was slightly lower than it was in September, it has remained at virtually the same level for three months in a row.

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