Posted by: 22. August 2013

The Case for Abrasive Waterjet

Colorado WaterJet Company says it is Colorado’s oldest, largest and most experienced job shop specializing in abrasive waterjet cutting. The video shows the company’s use of Flow International’s Dynamic XD for 3D waterjet cutting.

From the company’s website is this concise description of the case for abrasive waterjet against other cutting options….

Vs. Bandsaws: Abrasive waterjet is faster and more accurate, it requires less manpower, it can accommodate detailed designs (including interior cuts) and it can be used on any material.

Vs. Lasers: Abrasive waterjet accommodates thicker stock, can be performed on any material and involves no heat.

Vs. Wire EDM: Abrasive waterjet is faster and less expensive, it can pierce holes and it can be performed on any material.

Vs. Plasma/Gas Cutting: Abrasive waterjet involves no heat and requires no cleanup.

Vs. Traditional Machining: Abrasive waterjet requires no tooling or fixturing and essentially no setup, and it can be performed on any material.

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