End Mills For Machining Aluminum

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The new HM90 EAL-15 end mills offer a diameter range of 25 to 40 mm. Versions of the end mills with HSK adaptation are available in the same range. The new HM90 AXCR inserts usable in these tools can withstand high cutting and centrifugal loads because of two stopper slots at the bottom and two matching protrusions on the new tool's pocket. As most of the force is transferred to the pocket instead of to the clamping screw, high clamping force and precision of the cutting edge location is maintained even during high-feed machining applications such as high-MRR aluminum milling .

Other features of this tooling include a precision ground clamping area (including the bottom slots); a helical, sharp ground cutting edge; polished chip former rake; and insert location tolerance within 0.02 mm. The end mills have higher tooth density compared to previous tool models.

All of the cutters with HSK adaptation are dynamically balanced to G2.5 for the maximum rpm specified for each tool, the company says.

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