Machine-Ready Blanks Allow Immediate Production

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The company says its machine-ready blanks offer reductions in labor costs, leading to lower overall part costs and greater operational efficiency. Production can start immediately, as users can load blanks directly into the machine without prep operations such as sawing, grinding, flattening or squaring. Additionally, the operator spends less time adjusting setups and fixture offsets. With eliminated prep time and minimized setup time, operators and machines are said to be more productive and increase throughput capacity.   The blanks arrive with tolerances as close as ±0.005" dimensionally and ±0.0002" flatness, squareness and parallelism. They are processed using double-disc grinding, blanchard grinding, duplex grinding and sub operations such as flattening, deburring and surface improvement. The company’s blanks and finish-machined parts are available in many materials, including aluminum; stainless; brass; copper; titanium; plastics; high-temperature and nickel alloys; tool steel; and controlled expansion alloys such as ceramics, spring steel, ductile iron and carbon steel and tubes.

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