Six-Jaw Equalizing Chuck

SMW Autoblok offers TE six-jaw chucks with 2 + 2 + 2 equalizing mechanisms.

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SMW Autoblok offers TE six-jaw chucks with 2 + 2 + 2 equalizing mechanisms. The active pull-down chucks feature high precision and repeatability and are designed to securely clamp parts without deformation, the company says.
With six equalizing jaws, the chucks clamp workpieces with twelve points of contact. According to the company, this is ideal for parts that are easily deformed, such as flanges and rings for the aerospace industry, flywheels, components for wind power generators (bearings, slewing rings and planetary gear boxes), brake drums and brake discs.
With high centrifugal force compensation, even at high speed, the chucks maintain low static gripping force for minimum workpiece deformation, the company says. Despite the intricate mechanism of master jaws and levers, the chucks feature a compact body design.
The chucks are completely sealed from outside contamination and require less maintenance than common chucks, the company says. They are available in diameters ranging from 10.24" to 41.39" (260 to 1,050 mm).

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