Trunnion Machining Center

The company has expanded its line of five-axis machines with the new VF-2TR trunnion machining center. It is a compact VMC equipped with a factory-installed dual-axis trunnion table that provides full five-axis capabilities for machining complex multi-sided parts in a single setup, thus reducing setup time and increasing part accuracy, according to the company. Based on the company's VF-2, with 30" × 16" × 20" (XYZ) travels, 40-taper spindle and 20-hp vector dual drive system, the new machining center features the company's TR160 dual-axis trunnion table mounted to the standard T-slot table to provide five-axis simultaneous motion or position a workpiece to nearly any angle for machining. The trunnion provides ±120 degrees of tilt on the A axis and a full 360 degrees of continuous rotation on the B axis. It can accommodate parts with a swing up to 17.5" and weighing up to 80 lbs (part and fixture). The trunnion's 160 mm platter features six precision T-slots equally spaced at 60 degrees for easy fixturing. The company says the TR160 can easily be removed from the VMC when only three-axis machining is required; the machine's standard 36" × 14" T-slot table provides plenty of room for fixtures and vises. Precision mounting keys make reinstalling and aligning the trunnion quick and easy, according to the company. The VMC comes standard with a 24-pocket side-mount tool changer, automatic chip auger, programmable coolant nozzle, Visual Quick Code programming system, floppy disk drive, 1 MB of program memory, remote jog handle, spindle orientation, coordinate rotation and scaling, user-definable macros, and high speed machining control software with full look-ahead. High-productivity options as high speed spindles, linear scales, high speed rapids and a probe system are also available.

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