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The revolutionary new LANDIS ECOFLEX CNC Grinder
The revolutionary new LANDIS ECOFLEX CNC Grinder

Landis ECOFLEX™ Traverse/Plunge/Contour Grinder

The LandisECOFLEX™ Traverse/Plunge/Contour Grinder is designed for the grinding of shaft-type parts 1.5m to 4.0m in length and up to 750mm diameter with reduced non-productive power consumption. The new Landis ECOFLEX Peel Grinderis also available. Modular, flexible and highly energy efficient, the ECOFLEX grinder line is the new benchmark for sustainable productivity, precision and flexibility.  Get all the facts by calling us toll-free at 1-877-557-6677 or visit .

LANDIS CINCINNATI Viking SuperSeries II Centerless
LANDIS CINCINNATI Viking SuperSeries II Centerless

LANDIS CINCINNATI Viking SuperSeries II & RK Series Centerless

The industry’s most precise, compact CNC centerless grinder is also highly productive and operator friendly. The Viking SuperSeries II® Centerlessis rugged, rigid and reliable yet it imparts a finishing touch with sub-micron accuracy, shift- after-shift. This versatile machine accurately and productively grinds a wide range of part materials including hard metals and ceramics using conventional or superabrasive wheels.

Landis Cincinnati RK Series centerless grinders provide an outstanding combination of precision, productivity and ease of operation. The 350-20 RK is arranged for up to a 20” wide wheel for applications requiring high output rough or finish grinding. A solid, modular machine design built on an epoxy granite base, combined with advanced features make this machine very accurate and highly productive. Forced lubrication has been eliminated by utilizing precision antifriction slideways throughout. Easy setup and operation allow more time for production grinding. Simple systems are easily maintained and deliver high reliability.

Get all the facts by calling us toll-free at 1-877-557-6677 or visit

LANDIS GIUSTINA R220 is your best value in reliable double disc grinders
LANDIS GIUSTINA R220 is your best value in reliable double disc grinders

LANDIS GIUSTINA Double Disc Grinders

The world's most advanced double disc grinders are available with the unique "RotaPass" rotary plunge process, delivering better parallelism, flatness, size control and squareness compared to conventional processes. These high-productivity grinders offer innovative solutions for all your high-throughput, precision flat and parallel-surface parts. Get all the facts by calling us toll-free at 1-877-557-6677 or visit

Company Profile

           Cinetic Landis supplies grinding-based process solutions for precision component manufacture in a broad range of industries including automotive engine, chassis and powertrain, aerospace, diesel engine, bearing and general manufacturing. A fully integrated supplier, Cinetic Landis offers a complete range of grinders and controls, plus a comprehensive line of conventional and super-abrasive wheels, dressing tools and systems, grinding accessories and service/support programs.

            Known worldwide for leading-edge automotive camshaft and crankshaft processing systems, Cinetic Landis is also a leader in centerless grinding and disc grinding processes as well as lean and flexible CNC grinders for a wide range of shaft-type components. The objective of Cinetic Landis is to bring Value to our customer by eliminating Risk throughout the grind process. Increased revenue, decreased operational costs and faster time to market are results of our innovative, flexible and ECO designs. We’re committed to enhancing your ability to be an industry leader. 
            Dependability, industry leading productivity and quality through precise axis control and dynamic system stiffness result from over 100 years of customer application know-how. We will partner with you to eliminate process waste and ensure on-time delivery from our lean, environmentally friendly, modern manufacturing facility.   
            WE CARE: Grinding is our business, our history, our future and our passion. Our Pledge is to always be there whenever our customers need us, anywhere on the globe. Together we will make a difference.  

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  • Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
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  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
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  • Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
  • Spindles
  • Superabrasive Machining Systems

Trade Names

  • Cincinnati
  • CITCO Diamond & CBN
  • Gardner
  • Gardner Abrasives
  • Giustina
  • Goldcrown
  • Landis
  • Landis Cincinnati
  • Landis Giustina
  • LANDISflex
  • Viking

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Manufacturers of Large Diesel Crankshafts Gain Benefits From An All New Grinder and New Processing Methods - Manufacturers of large truck and heavy-duty crankshafts seeking new levels of productivity, agility and economy need look no further than the new Landis LT2-1400 Orbital Crankshaft Grinder coupled with innovative processing solutions available exclusively from Cinetic Landis Grinding. Get more facts at

How the Same Grinder Can Deliver Optimum Value for Both High-Volume and Low-Volume Applications - It is possible to design a machine with features and technologies that deliver different, but equally valuable, benefits to users at both ends of the volume spectrum. Learn more...

Tight Tolerances! - Precision centerless grinding operation prevents bar material from grinding to a halt.

Automotive Cam Grinding Workhorse Helps S&S Cycle Make American V-Twin and "...All Bikes Go Faster" - S&S Cycles of LaCrosse, Wisconsin supplies everything from custom air intakes to complete race-winning engines for American V-Twin enthusiasts in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Cranfield Precision HPB4³ Horizontal Boring Machine - The Cranfield Precision HPB4³ Horizontal Boring Machine is a high performance horizontal boring machine. The HPB4³ features a temperature controlled enclosure, kinematically supported machine base and a high precision hydrostatic tool spindle.

Product Announcements Provided By Fives Landis

Modernize Your Large Diesel Crankshaft Processes With The New LT2-1400 Orbital CNC Grinder

New Landis Giustina R220 Double Disc Grinder Combines Accuracy & Flexibility In A Compact Size

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Twin-Turret Grinding Machine Performs Multiple Applications
Fives offers the Landis LTT multi-spindle, high-flexibility OD and ID grinding system, featuring two rotary hydrostatic turrets with integral servomotors and X-axis hydrostatic ways with linear motor in feed.

High-Performance Centerless Grinding Wheels Lower Abrasive Cost
Gardner Abrasives, part of Cinetic Landis Corp., offers the BDP bond system for centerless grinding applications.

CITCO Tools Relocates
CITCO Tools, a manufacturer of custom engineered cutting tools, has moved to a new facility in Concord Twp., Ohio.   The facility combines 13,290 square feet of office space and 35,510 square feet of manufacturing space, both of which are temperature controlled with positive interior air pressure.

Rigidity Required When Grinding Challenging Materials
Effective centerless grinding of hard materials requires a machine that is capable of damping process vibration at high wheel speeds and providing the rigidity to withstand very high cutting forces.

Cinetic Landis Opens New Facility
Employees, company executives and guests from local academia and government recently convened in Hagerstown, Maryland to officially dedicate the new home of Cinetic Landis Corp. Speaking to an audience of more than 250, President and CEO Daniel Pheil presented the 108,700-square-foot facility as a sustainable, green foundation for the company’s future progress in the design and manufacture of precision grinding equipment. The facility combines 84,700 square feet of manufacturing space and 24,000 square feet of office space.

CNC Grinder Accommodates Long Shafts

A Model Camshaft Grinding Process
Optimizing a camshaft lobe grinding cycle has traditionally been based less on science and more on educated guesswork and numerous test grinds. Now, computer thermal modeling software can predict areas where lobe burning is likely to occur, in order to determine the fastest possible work speed that won't thermally damage lobes and greatly reduce the number of requisite test grinds.

Optimizing The Grinding Process
R&D project aims to change grinding from an art to a science.

Centerless Grinding: Not Magic!
Achieving consistent and quality results from the centerless grinding process requires an understanding of the basic fundamentals. Most application problems associated with centerless grinding derive from a misunderstanding of the basics. This article explains why the centerless process works and how to use it most effectively in your shop.

Double-Disc Grinder Helps Manufacturer Of Hand Tools Strengthen Quality Control
A newly designed vertical double-disc grinding machine is allowing a leading manufacturer of multi-purpose hand tools to maintain control of tight dimensional tolerances, and excellent surface finish quality, in finish-grinding tool components.

Double-Disc Grinding On The Move
The double-disc grinding process is consolidating its position in automotive applications but is moving into other industries. Double-disc grinders are now easier to operate, and they have added capabilities for control flexibility, precision process control, faster changeovers, and grinding of nontraditional materials.