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SGS Tool Company

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Duncan Jokisch, Rolls Royce apprentice

Hiring, Training and Supporting the Workforce in School and on the Job
Virginia’s Rolls-Royce Crosspointe plant shares its strategies for attracting, hiring and supporting its workers, while Danville Community College excels with its integrated machining education model.

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Breaks Ground on Tech Hub in Virginia
The president of the company praises the hub’s access to a plethora of local advanced manufacturing and research organizations near Danville.

New Corner Radius Options for End Mill Series
SGS Tool Co. has expanded its series 33 high-performance end mills for difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, titanium and Inconel.

SGS Tool Acquired by Kyocera
Effective May 2, 2016, SGS Tool will be renamed Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Inc.

Haimer and SGS Tool Form Licensing Agreement
SGS now offers its round end mills with Haimer’s Safe-Lock anti-pullout system.

Cutting Tools for Aluminum Include Polished Fluting Option
SGS Tool Co. has expanded its Series 43 cutting tools for aluminum.

Roughing End Mill Maximizes Tool Life in Titanium
SGS Tool Co. offers its Z-Carb High Performance Rougher (HPR) line of cutting tools including Imperial and metric sizes, multiple corner radius options, and the company’s Ti-Namite-M coating.

SGS Tool S-Carb tooling

High-Performance End Mills Enable Aggressive Machining
SGS Tool Co. has expanded its S-Carb line to include a new ballnose geometry, additional corner radius and reach options, and larger diameters.

SGS T-Carb End Mills

End Mills Enable Peel Milling, Trochoidal Techniques
The T‐Carb line of six‐flute high-performance end mills from SGS is designed for aggressive high-speed machining applications using peel milling and trochoidal techniques.

SGS Tool Company Series 33 end mills

Three-Flute End Mills for Aggressive Operations
SGS Tool Company offers its series 33 three-flute end mills designed for difficult materials and applications.

Comparing Apples to Apples
Consistency is key to properly evaluating the effect of any process change.

SGS Tool 43 chipbreaker roughing end mill

Roughing Tools for Heavy Material Removal
SGS Tool’s 43 chipbreaker roughing end mills are designed to reduce load and improve chip management during aggressive aluminum and nonferrous machining.

SGS Tool Company composite cutting tools

Line of Tools Designed for Cutting Composites
SGS Tool Company’s line of composite cutting tools features a series of four new tools and one line expansion: series 31, 25, 27 and 120 have been added, and series 20 has been expanded.

Variable-Geometry End Mill Outguns Chatter
This shop boosted cutting speed and tool life on a troublesome tool steel application by switching to SGS Tool Company’s Z-Carb AP end mill, which features a custom geometry designed to reduce chatter.

SGS Tool Company Multi-Carb finishing end mill

High-Performance Finishing End Mill Features Multiple Flutes
SGS Tool Company's Multi-Carb high-performance end mill is available with seven, nine or 11 flutes.

Retooling Unlocks New Equipment Capabilities
To meet demand for more complex work, this Chicago-area manufacturer recently invested in its first high speed and five-axis machine tools. Replacing its previous cutting tools with aluminum end mills and drills from SGS Tool Company enabled the shop to take full advantage of these machines' advanced capabilities.

End Mills Feature Minimal Chatter
SGS Tool Company introduces a high-performance end mill that provides precision performance and high production rates with minimal chatter. The end mills feature variable pitch fluting geometry that provides improved chatter suppression, longer tool life, better surface finishes and high productivity rates, the company says. Manufactured with a rigid construction using certified premium micro-grain carbide, the end mills also deliver reduce harmonics and reduced radial side deflection allowing for improved side wall straightness.

Variable Rake End Mills
SGS Tool Company’s Z-Carb-AP variable rake end mill offers three stages of chatter suppression resulting in a quiet, stable milling operation. In stage one, unequal flute spacing disrupts the rhythmic pattern created by the cutting edge of common end mills. This suppresses the development of damaging harmonics.

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