CAD/CAM Software Features New Toolpath Strategies

New Product From: 8/6/2007 Modern Machine Shop

CGS North America offers the latest version of its CAD/CAM software, CAM-Tool. CAM-Tool V3 is used for traditional three-axis mold and die machining, hard milling and medical applications, whereas MX 3+2 is used for multi-axis applications.


The new software includes five new toolpath strategies in the hole module as well as helical tapping. A new cutter-path strategy, Z-level remachining, is useful for roughing and semi-finishing ribs, boss areas and channels where stock is left from the previous tool. In addition, connecting-move types have been improved in many tool paths. For safer machining in deep areas of molds and dies, the number of holders allowed to define the toolholding system has been increased to five.

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