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The CNC (computer numerical control) system of a machine tool includes the control unit itself, as well as less visible parts of the motion-control system such as the servomotors, drives and axis positioning devices. These components are part of any CNC machine tool, but they might be bought separately and retrofitted later on older machines that are upgraded or refurbished. Also part of the control system are sensors that may allow the control to make certain real-time decisions during unattended or lightly attended machining processes. These can include probes for measuring the position of the part or machined features, as well as monitoring systems for detecting the presence of the tool or the force that is being exerted in the cut.

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Vector Programming Eases Five-Axis Aerospace Machining

Because the CNCs on this shop’s largest five-axis machining centers accept vector coordinates as program input instead of traditional G codes, critical jobs can be shifted readily from machine to machine.

The Need to Know Is Basic

An MTConnect-enabled monitoring system gives this shop a clear and simple picture of machine tool usage.

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MTConnect Is For Real

Introduced at IMTS 2008, this communications protocol for CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment is already helping shops and plants implement effective machine monitoring systems. Although these "early adopters" are motivated by the long-term promise of enterprise-wide efficiency gains, their experience with pilot projects shows that benefits derived in the short term are substantial and worthwhile.

FANUC Expands CNC Training Program

By: Jedd Cole
The expansion includes extra courses and additional equipment investments for several facilities in the United States.

Heidenhain Redesigns Website

By: Jedd Cole
The new website is said to enable machine builders and end users to search for parts more easily.


Control System for a Digital Manufacturing Strategy

By: Katie Cattell
DMG MORI offers its app-based Celos system for the control and integration of machines. The

Fidia C-40

Vision Numerical Control for High-Speed Milling

By: Katie Cattell
Fidia will feature its C-40 vision numerical control for advanced high-speed milling and multi-axis applications.

Marposs Blu

Distributed Control Network for Machine Tools

By: Katie Cattell
Marposs will introduce its new Blú distributed control network for machine tools.

Siemens Answers with the Most Innovative CNC Solutions for Machine Tool Technology
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