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Deburring is perhaps the most critical post-machining operation for ensuring the functionality of the machined part, as well as the safe handling of the part. Deburring has traditionally been a manual task, but various technologies exist for reliably automating deburring.

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Drag Finishing: Surface Finishing of Delicate Parts

 For complex parts with high surface finish specs, production deburring and surface prep can be done using the Drag Finishing process.

before and after ECD

Ban The Burr—A Look At ECD

Deburring is a consideration, and often a problem, for all manufacturing engineers. The burrs resulting from a metalworking operation may be tolerable; however, burrs are always present.

Tighter Requirements Call for Optimized Deburring Processes

By: Doris Schulz
Burrs and chips are unavoidable in virtually all high production manufacturing processes. Today, the removal of these remnants from the production process is an absolute must for high quality, precision parts.

Tanis Inc. Shell Mill Adapter for Wheel Brushes

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
Tanis Inc.’s adapter secures wheel brushes to CNC machines.

Comco micro-abrasive blasters

Microblasting Equipment Deburrs Medical Parts

By: Edited by Stephanie Monsanty
Comco offers a line of micro-abrasive blasters designed to effectively process small workpieces.

Brush Research Nampower abrasive disc brushes

Small-Diameter Disc Brushes Access Hard-to-Reach Areas

By: Edited by Jedd Cole
Brush Research’s Nampower high-performance abrasive nylon disc brush line now includes a selection of small-diameter tools.

Stainless Steel Miniature Brush Kit

By: Lori Beckman (editor)
BRM’s line of precision crosshole deburring brushes feature all stainless steel construction for superior brush performance.

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