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So You’re in the Market for a Machine Tool—Start Your Search by Asking “Why”
There’s nothing worse than buying a new machine that ends up neglected in the corner because it’s the wrong one for the job. Some key questions at the beginning of your search can help you avoid that.

Making Machine Tool Research Accessible
With a decision as weighty as acquiring a new machine tool, it helps to have as much data as possible close at hand.

Start with the Specs
Techspex has a new website and new capabilities. In place of a word-based search engine, this free utility aims to be the logical starting point for searches aimed specifically at finding the right machine tool.

Machine Search Site Updated
Techspex, a search engine for the metalworking industry, has launched an updated website.

Digital MTBuyers Guide Now Available
The digital edition of the 2013 – 2014 MTBuyers Guide features a comprehensive listing of major machine tool builders, distributors and equipment suppliers.

Streamline Your Search for new Machine Tools
Trying to determine what specific new mill, lathe or grinding machine to buy? An online resource with comprehensive machine model specs can help you identify the right one for your application.