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Product Categories of Weiler Corporation

  • Buffing & Polishing Supplies
  • Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
  • Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
  • Grinding Attachments & Accessories
  • Grinding Wheels & Belts

Trade Names

  • Tiger
  • Trulock
  • Vortec

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System Provides Solutions with Application Assistance, Process Development
Weiler introduces Weiler Process Solutions (WPS) to customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, firearms manufacturing and general machining fields.

Brush Deburring Tools Increase Throughput
Weiler’s Burr-RX specialty brush deburring tools feature advanced ceramic-grain filament technology.

Abrasive Flap Discs Designed for Edge Grinding
Weiler’s Tiger Paw abrasive flap discs are designed for aggressive performance on tough edge-grinding applications.

Tools Address a Variety of Automated Deburring Needs
Weiler's Burr Rx deburring tool are designed to address a variety of automated deburring needs.

Flap Discs for Right-Angle Air Tools Boost Productivity
BobCat abrasive flap discs from Weiler increase productivity with fewer change-overs and increase product life.

Precision Lathe System Saves Energy
The Praktikant VC plus precision lathe for vocational training is equipped with the company’s e-Tim system for monitoring and regulating energy consumption.

Bonded Abrasives Line Adds Cutting Wheels
Weiler has added 12" and 14" cutting wheels in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains to its bonded abrasives product line for general-purpose cutting on metal and concrete applications.All products in the Vortec Pro line are designed for grinding and cutting steel, iron and other ferrous metals.

Radial Drilling Machines for Large Workpieces
Designed for large workpieces, Weiler’s VOM 50 radial drill machine can perform drilling, reboring, countersinking, thread cutting and other operations.

Stem-Mounted Brushes
Weiler Corporation’s line of stem-mounted brushes are suited for a variety of applications, including cleaning and finishing recessed areas or internal diameters; cleaning and polishing dies, molds and tools; deburring; weld and carbon cleaning; spot facing; and cleaning rust, paint, scale or slag. Designed to optimize performance of high speed air and electric tools, the stem-mounted brushes are available in a variety of styles including wheel, cup and end brush configurations, each made with a ¼" stem for easy mounting on tool collets, the company says.

Brushing Tools For Inconel, Titanium And Stainless Steel
The Burr-Rx brush is the latest addition to Weiler’s Nylox abrasive filament product line and uses advanced filament technology for maximum aggression. The black nylon filaments are co-extruded with high-aggression ceramic grains, providing cut rates up to 400 percent faster than standard silicon carbide filaments,

Selection Of Accessories For Right Angle Grinders

Grind And Finish In One Setup

Abrasive Brushes For In-Machine Deburring

Flap Discs For Deburring, Cleaning And Finishing