Posted by: 21. August 2013

Top Shops Look to LinkedIn


Our 2013 Top Shops benchmarking survey revealed an uptick in the use of the Internet and social media as sales and marketing tools. Nearly 23 percent of this year’s Top Shops use social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.—compared to only 11 percent in 2011. Clearly, an increasing number of leading shops are testing these waters in an effort to get their message in front of additional customers.

In September 2011, we launched our Top Shops LinkedIn Group. This exclusive group is geared toward decision-makers in North American machining facilities, including shop owners, managers, engineers, programmers and other senior personnel. The group now has more than 1,000 members sharing ideas, offering opinions and posing questions. Some of the threads have spurred multiple comments and interesting exchanges. Here are a few that received a healthy number of responses.

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