Posted by: 14. December 2012

What if You Moved in with a Customer?


Instead of trucking stock across town, Castle now delivers material via
forklift to CNCPE’s area located near the facility’s loading dock.
A chain divider is pretty much all that separates Chris Nachtmann’s CNC Performance Engineering (CNCPE) shop from Castle Metals within the latter’s Charlotte facility. Castle is a metals supplier that has tapped CNCPE’s capabilities to perform value-adding, preliminary machining work requested by some of its big OEM customers. When the time came a couple years ago for CNCPE to renew the lease at its Lincolnton location, Castle management suggested that Mr. Nachtmann instead move his operation into Castle’s facility. CNCPE would benefit because there was more manufacturing activity in the Charlotte area than Lincolnton. In turn, Castle would benefit from quicker turnaround and more streamlined (and less costly) logistics for preliminary machining work.
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