Posted by: 13. August 2012

Win a $60,000 Turning Center

Feeling lucky? Somebody’s going to win a TM6 turning center from Hurco.
Who wouldn’t want a free turning center? Hurco gives you a chance to win one of its TM6 machines (worth $60,000) in a sweepstakes that ends on November 1. To enter, simply fill out the registration form on this page and email either a two-minute video or a 50-word essay and optional photo letting Hurco know what you like about the company and its technology. The sweepstakes is open to those who own or work for a U.S.-based company that does machining work.
IMTS attendees can register for the sweepstakes, too. Simply visit Hurco’s Booth #S-8640 and complete either a hand-written form or use a smartphone to scan a QR code that that links to the registration page.

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