Solutions in Cylindrical Grinding Errors

July 11
2:00 PM

There are several factors that can influence the grinding process producing a grinding error. There are physical and chemical errors and geometric errors. Physical and chemical errors are unwanted changes in the characteristics of the material on the surface of the part because of process parameters (such as feed and feed rates), grinding wheel, dressing tool, coolant. These errors become visible in the piece, leaving marks. In contrast geometric errors are deviations in the nominal geometry as the roundness. The main influence for a geometric error of roundness is the good condition of the centers, these must be non-oval and without burrs. 

Primary topics: 
How to Correct Typical Grinding Errors 

Presenters: Doug Emerson and Tom Vieira 
Doug Emerson is a Senior Regional Sales Manager at UNITED GRINDING North America. He has 31 years of experience in sales, application and service. Tom Vieira has been in the grinding industry for over 36 years. He has worked with many different kinds of grinding machines, grinding a wide array of different parts and different metals. Tom had been running STUDER CNC machines for over 7 years before joining UNITED GRINDING North America as an Applications Engineer and is now the Applications Manager for the Cylindrical Product Technology Group.

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