A.T. Kearney Releases Paper on Reshoring

The management consulting firm has released an article detailing factors companies should consider before reshoring operations.

A team at A.T. Kearney led by Patrick Van den Bossche has released an article titled “Solving the Reshoring Dilemma,” published by Supply Chain Management Review. The article takes an in-depth look at the forces driving change in manufacturing and draws connections to how this does and will affect reshoring. According to the authors, recent events and macroeconomic factors have tipped the balance back in favor of domestic manufacturing in the United States, but reshoring production may not be the best choice for all companies. Within the paper, the authors explore the tools and factors manufacturers can use to assess whether reshoring is a viable option for their business.

The paper is available to Supply Chain Management Review subscribers at scmr.com/article/solving_the_reshoring_dilemma.

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