Delcam Addresses Autodesk Acquisition

A sales partner meeting held following Delcam’s acquisition by Autodesk helped to clarify the company’s new status as a subsidiary.

Delcam’s 2014 Sales Partner Meeting, held February 9-11 in Solihull, UK, following its recent acquisition by Autodesk, attracted more than 450 Delcam staff and sales partners, the meeting’s highest-ever attendance.

During the event, Delcam President Clive Martell explained the company’s new status as a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Autodesk. “By maintaining the existing structure of the business, including our relationships with our sales partners, Autodesk is demonstrating its trust in and respect for Delcam’s software range, management and organization,” Mr. Martell said. He went on to add that sales partners will be able to continue their operations with no significant changes.

Additionally, Buzz Kross, senior vice president of design, lifecycle and simulation with Autodesk, welcomed Delcam employees, customers and partners to the Autodesk community. According to Mr. Kross, the acquisition is “an important step in Autodesk’s continued expansion in to manufacturing and fabrication, beyond our roots in design.” 

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