IMCO Partners with Student Engineers

The company is helping students build cars for international racing competitions.

IMCO Carbide Tool is helping teams of student engineers build racecars for international competitions. The Perrysburg, Ohio-based company recently hosted its inaugural invitational race for student teams. Invited teams included Hardrocker Racing of the University of Toledo’s Rocket Motorsports; Bearcat Motorsports from the University of Cincinnati; Illini Motorsports from the University of Illinois; Formule ÉTS of Montreal, Quebec; and F.E.I. Racing from Brazil. Though not all the teams were able to attend the invitational, each had the opportunity to learn and benefit from the relationship with IMCO.

Each invited team received an offer for a free assortment of IMCO cutting tools valued at $3,000 to $4,000 to help the teams, which function with limited budgets and resources, build their cars. The tool packages included a variety of cutting tools such as end mills and routers. IMCO also provided technical support to the teams as needed.

The invitational was inspired by IMCO’s work with engineering students in the Hardrocker Racing program in 2012. The company hopes to hold a second invitational race in 2014.   

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