Tooling U-SME Introduces Evaluation Tool

A new Competency Framework resource will help employers evaluate and grow their workforces.

Tooling U-SME has announced a new industry resource called Competency Framework slated to become available this spring. Designed to combat the increasing talent shortage and increase performance from an existing workforce, the Competency Framework is intended to help companies provide clear development pathways and career growth opportunities for their employees.

The tool was created in conjunction with experts from manufacturing and academia and features a comprehensive series of nine functional areas such as engineering, machining and welding. Those areas include more than 60 defined job role competency models, each outlining knowledge and skill objectives for production and technician-, lead technician- and engineer-level positions. The resource can be used to help ensure consistency across the workforce, streamline training process, help managers evaluate performance levels, enhance employee satisfaction and define how employees can improve their performance.

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