Automatic Robotic Machine Tending Systems Complete Jobs in One Handling

Ganesh offers multitasking machines with fully robotic machine tending systems.

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Ganesh offers multitasking machines with fully robotic machine tending systems. The systems are designed to complete a job in one handling while having the tooling flexibility necessary for multiple jobs to be set up on the machines at the same time.

On display at the show, a dedicated pneumatic part-loading system demonstrates high speed, small part loading capability on a Cyclone-32GT three-axis gang-tool lathe with a C axis. The load system is designed for small components. It accommodates 1 3/8" bar work and 5" chucking work. The 10-hp, 6,000-rpm lathe is equipped with hydraulic clamping and 1" ballscrews and enables rigid tapping operations.

Another fully automatic robotic system will be integrated with a Ganesh Cyclone-52 TTMY eight-axis twin-spindle, twin-turret machine. This system uses a Yaskawa Motoman robot and a flexible part in-feed/out-feed system to accommodate a wide variety of parts, the company says. The gang-tool design provides fast chip-to-chip time and enables polygon turning operations. The machine features eight-position, quick-change tooling plates and dual 16-station turrets. It has a Y axis on the upper turret and a full C axis on the main and subspindle. The machine features a 51-mm (2") bar capacity and a Mitusbishi M-720 CNC.


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