Edgecam 2012 R2 CAM Software Supports Advanced Milling

Edgecam 2012 R2 from Vero features a Waveform roughing strategy and Quill support for advanced milling.

New Product From: 5/29/2012 Modern Machine Shop
Originally titled 'CAM Software Supports Advanced Milling'

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Edgecam 2012 R2 from Vero features a Waveform roughing strategy and Quill support for advanced milling. The roughing strategy is designed to improve stability and provide more precise machining and faster metal removal rates. The CAM software enhances this process by improving the entry methods, ordering and calculation speeds. According to the company, the roughing strategy improves tool life, provides constant material engagement and chip load, and potentially eliminates secondary cutting cycles by improving surface finish.
An advanced simultaneous five-axis milling license introduces parameters to control the tool path, a dialog with images to explain the available options, and provides options to machine multi-blade components.
Quills (secondary Z axes) can now be included in milling machine configurations. This enables the user to switch between the Z axes, control which one is in use, and see the quills’ movement in the Simulator.
The interface has been improved to make the software more intuitive, the company says. When editing an Edgecam cycle, the original geometry picks are retained and do not need to be reselected unless the user chooses to do so. Another time-saving feature is improved picking of edges on solid models and 2D profiles, the company says. This ensures that the user has full control of picking entities that will be used by other functions within the CAM software. Large numbers of machining instructions can be grouped into user-defined sets within the sequence browser.
External rotary slot and pocket features along a cylinder solid model can be identified for subsequent machining. Feature attributes help the user select the correct tool and machine the feature in rotary mode.

Steadies can be included in turning and turn-mill machine configurations and included in the simulation of the machining sequence in Simulator.  

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