EVS Toolroom Lathes

South Bend offers the 16" × 60" EVS toolroom lathe.

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South Bend offers the 16" × 60" EVS toolroom lathe. Features include the 3 V-way bed, which is constructed of precision-ground Meehanite cast iron; Allen Bradley electrical controls; a Japanese-made Yaskawa inverter; Japanese spindle bearings; and a tailstock barrel that moves 6" without moving the tailstock. The adjustable feed-rod clutch system is designed to prevent crash damage when working close to the chuck. Also, on-the-fly feed-direction controls are said to make it easy to move the carriage back and forth during operation.
The SB1014 features a 7.5-hp, 220-V, three-phase, 60-Hz motor, and the SB1015 features a 7.5-hp, 440-V, three-phase, 60-Hz motor.

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