Extending The Life Of Early Model EDMs

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Owners of earlier model Mitsubishi wire EDMs can enhance accuracy and performance with the Van-TG power feed conversion kit from Mitsubishi’s Consumable Products Group.


Said to add years to a machine’s life, the kit eliminates the need for wire cut and relocation when the power feed contact requires rotation. The supplied power feed contact is sufficient for as many as 100 hours per rotation. According to the company, it can yield as much as 70 percent time savings per rotation. Cost-saving consumables such as diamond guides, power feed contacts, flush cups and power contacts are consolidated to match AF2- and AF3-style wire EDM machines.


The supplied power feed contact is good up to 100 hours per rotation, saving up to 70 percent per rotation over conventional power feed contacts. Cost-saving consumables such as diamond guides, power feed contacts and flush cups are consolidated to match AF2 and AF3 style wire EDM machines.

Available for SA, SB, SZ and HA series machines with AF1 wire threaders, the kits are suitable for use with the H1/HA, 90C and 110C models without AF wire threaders.


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