High-Resolution Linear Encoders Improve Positioning Accuracy

Fagor Automation offers a line of linear encoders capable of 50-nm resolution.

New Product From: 2/26/2014 Modern Machine Shop

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Fagor Automation offers a line of linear encoders capable of 50-nm resolution. Designed for high-performance markets such as precision grinders and EDM, the encoders are available with travels ranging to 3 m. They offer increased position and speed control for improved surface finish and smoother machine axis positioning. The encoders are well-suited for use with high-speed linear motors and are said to improve positioning accuracy, repeatability and smoothness. Nanometric measurements can be achieved directly from the encoder, avoiding the need for electronic interpolation and making them suitable for metrology solutions.

Encoders are available in G, S and SV series extrusion platforms. The G series is a full-sized, robust extrusion capable of withstanding harsh environments, while the S and SV series feature a more compact extrusion for use in applications with limited space. The G and SV encoders also incorporate thermal determined mounting systems (TDMS) that enable minimum error deflection by controlling the expansion and contraction of the scale. Positioning errors originating from machine mechanics are minimized as the encoder is directly mounted to the machine surface and guideways, and sends real machine movement positional data to the CNC. Mechanical errors due to thermal behavior, pitch error compensation and machine backlash are minimized.

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