Hybrid Machine Combines Wire EDM, Waterjet

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The Hybrid Wire-cut combines EDM and waterjet technology in a single machine. With both capabilities available for the same workpiece in the same setup, operators can use the faster waterjet for rough cutting and perform more precise finishing operations with EDM. After workpiece setup, cores in die shapes can be removed with the waterjet, and no initial hole is required for EDM. According to the company, the hybrid machine can run unmanned until the end of the machining process.    X-, Y- and Z-axis travel is 550 × 350 × 250 mm for wirecut and 570 × 370 × 250 mm for waterjet. Driven by the multitask OS Sodick motion controller, the machine can accommodate workpieces measuring 750 × 500 × 250 mm that weigh as much as 1,000 kg. Wire diameter ranges from 0.15 to 0.3 mm, with a maximum wire feed rate of 420 mm/s and taper control angle of ±30 degrees. For waterjet processes, A/B axes control angles are ±10 degrees and high-pressure flushing is rated at more than 55,000 psi.

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