Machining Center Cuts Large Parts

Omax’s 80X JetMachining center is designed to cut large parts.

New Product From: 2/29/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Omax’s large-scale 80X JetMachining center is designed to cut large parts and multiple parts. It features a 50-hp EnduroMax direct-drive pump designed to increase hydraulic power at the cutting nozzle and improve jet-stream control. It also is equipped with a Tilt-a-Jet taper-removal cutting head, which is said to offer high-precision taper compensation to achieve perfectly square part edges. The waterjet featues13 ft. 4" × 6 ft. 8" X-Y cutting travel.

The company’s Maxiem 1530 JetCutting center features a 40-hp Maxiem direct-drive pump and an A-jet accessory to bevel edges at specific angles. The waterjet features 10 ft. 2" × 5 ft. 2" travel on the X-Y axis. 

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