Portable Filtration Unit Extends Fluid Life

Eclipse Magnetics’ off-line filtration system is a portable standalone unit for filtering coolants and oils.

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Eclipse Magnetics’ offline filtration system is a portable standalone unit for filtering coolants and oils. The system consists of a portable trolley, full electrical equipment, pump and the company’s Micromag filter. It is fully wired with required isolators and switch gear, and is fitted with flying cable. It is supplied with both inlet and outlet piping.

The gear pump features a 1-hp, 1,800-rpm motor and is capable of delivering 10 gpm.  Maximum pressure is 87 psi. The pump supplies contaminated fluid to the filters with a low pumping speed to ensure maximum time for cleaning operations. A 60-micron screen filter on the suction side of the pump provides protection. The main Micromag filter removes all ferrous contamination, down to sub-micron sizes in a single pass. The filter is available in 5", 10" and 20" sizes, depending on expected contamination levels.

Applications include “polishing” fluids overnight as well as tank draining and cleaning. The universal system is capable of removing moisture from neat oils, and can also be used for tank emptying to remove ferrous swarf from the fluid prior to collection for recycling. The system is said to extend the life of fluid while providing additional filtration.

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