Terrain Following Capabilities for High Angle Waterjet Cutting

Omax has combined its Terrain Follower and the A-Jet tilting waterjet head.

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Omax has combined its Terrain Follower and the A-Jet tilting waterjet head. The combination enables the A-Jet to detect changes in workpiece material surface heights and automatically adjust its nozzle to maintain proper standoff throughout the cutting process. This can be accomplished without additional programming.
The technology enables cutting beveled edges to prepare parts for welding, and it can cut parts with complex geometries. According to the company, terrain-following capabilities are critical in such situations because warped surfaces and stress relieving can change material height, which can alter the intended cut lines.
The combined technology does not drag the A-Jet’s mixing tube on high spots or uneven surfaces, the company says. The ability to cut without having to locate material high points first is said to reduce cost, downtime and workpiece damage.
A small-diameter, low-profile detection ring, or sensor foot, is designed to detect material height changes as close to the mixing tube as possible, but still enable room for the tilting motion of the A-Jet head.
The A-Jet nozzle cuts accurate beveled edges at angles determined by the machine operator or by the part program. It is capable of a positioning accuracy of ± 0.09 degrees (± 6 arc-minutes), the company says. With a compact design to accommodate tight cutting situations, the waterjet integrates two motion axes to tilt the nozzle between 0 and 60 degrees from the vertical position.  

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