Tow-Veyor Carts

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These custom tow-veyor carts are designed to move horizontally as well as up and down vertically to meet the ergonomic and assembly needs of personnel along the production line. Engineered to meet the customer's requirements for low-maintenance and safe tow-veyor system, the carts feature two electro-mechanical lifts with 2,500 lbs capacity each. The front lift is used to hoist the front axle and engine assembly into the vehicle body while the back lift simultaneously inserts the rear axle. Onboard each cart is a programmable automatic control system for lift operation. The system allows the lifts to be moved synchronously or as independent units. To help decrease downtime and increase ease of maintenance, the company has installed controls that are modular with pluggable connectors. The company collaborated with other firms on the control system and integrated the ocontrols with the carts prior to shipment to deliver a turnkey tow-veyor cart solution.

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