Updated CAM System Supports Tool, Fixture Libraries

Gibbs and Associates’ GibbsCAM 2015 includes enhancements for specific functions.

Gibbs and Associates’ GibbsCAM 2015 includes additions for tool definition and support for tool types including lathe and mill form tools created as 3D solids; 70-degree (ISO E-style) lathe tools; and straight, tapered and stepped mill tool shanks. The software also supports tool blocks and fixtures, and includes a fixture library. The 2015 release is integrated with Sandvik Coromant’s Adveon Tool Library, which enables importing cutting tools and intermediate tooling from Sandvik and other ISO-13399-compliant systems.

For users of complex machines, the Universal Kinematic Machine (UKM) architecture enables programming and simulating machines of any configuration, including multi-axis mills or multi-spindle, multi-turret, multitasking or Swiss-type machines. UKM is said to provide more accurate simulation and is backward compatible with postprocessors.

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