Wire EDMs Provide Versatility

Makino offers its U3 and U6 general-purpose wire EDMs designed for ease of operation and versatility.

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Makino offers its U3 and U6 general-purpose wire EDMs designed for ease of operation and versatility. The U3 offers X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 370 × 270 × 220 mm, and accommodates workpieces ranging to 770 × 590 × 220 mm with a payload of 1,322 lbs. The U6 features X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 650 × 450 × 420 mm, respectively, and accommodates workpieces ranging to 1,000 × 800 × 400 mm with a 3,307-lb payload.

The EDMs can be equipped with either conventional round or Split V wire-guide configurations to accommodate virtually any material types and provide flushing conditions from 0.004" to 0.012" in diameter wire (0.1 to 0.3 mm in diameter). A cutting condition library provides optimized conditions for standard hard brass wires, high-speed coated wires and high-taper soft wires. The company’s three-pass HyperCut process technology is said to enable surface finishes as fine as 3-micron Rz in standard tool steels.

The machines’ entire bed casting is used as a dielectric reservoir, reducing its footprint and eliminating the need for additional external fluid tanks, in addition to promoting rigidity and thermal stability. The stationary table is said to also ensure sustainable long-term accuracy. The company’s Pro-Tech circuit provides electronic galvanic protection to the workpiece, minimizing rusting and oxidation. The machines also are equipped with Makino’s Hyper-I machine control with 24" HD touchscreen. The control can be customized to individual operators or shifts, and an optional dual-display screen can be configured for use with an onboard CAD/CAM system.

Both machines are available in an optional high-energy applied technology (HEAT) configuration which incorporates higher-pressure flush pumps and a large-capacity four-filter filtration system designed to increase speed and accuracy in workpieces with poor or difficult flushing conditions.

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