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Founded in 1954, Able is the largest electropolishing specialist in America.

Today, Able is America's largest electropolishing specialist, employing over 150 people on three shifts.  The company operates a state of the rt facility in Chicago, IL.  Literally thousands of companies world-wide employ Able technology into their metal parts, with nearly every industry utilizing the techniques developed and later refined by our founder.

Though our technology plays a vital role in serving customers, the traditions of service and attention to quality are what make Able a unique company.  We have long recognized that metal finishing is the "last step" for many companies designing and producing metal parts.  Our entire company is tuned to the concept of doing the job right the first time.  We are often the lifeline for companies faced with assembly line shutdowns due to parts that are late or malfunctioning.  Being part of the solution and meeting though deadlines has kept Able as the preferrred vendor for so many companies.

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Able is America's largest electropolishing specialist, employing over 160 people on three shifts. The company operates a state of the art facility in Chicago, IL. Literally thousands of companies world-wide employ Able technology into their metal parts, with nearly every industry utilizing the techniques developed and later refined by our founder.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and our process has been validated in accordance with “Quality Management Systems – Process Validation Guidance” authored by SG3 and endorsed by The Global Harmonization task force.  Additionally, we are a certified vendor for dozens of manufacturing companies in industries from Aerospace to Medical and Semiconductor.


Our process is widely used in the medical, pharmaceutical, dental, national labs & higher education, aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, and electronics industries.


Electropolishing: Our proprietary reverse plating technique offers solutions to a wide variety of metal surface problems. Brighten, deburr, size and passivateyour parts all in one operation.

Passivation: An acid cleaning process designed to remove free iron from the surface of corrosion resistant steels. ABLE passivates per the ASTM A967specification, as well as many other industry and customer-specific standards.


Contract Cleaning: Able provides contract cleaning services on metal parts from vapor degreasing to complex customer specific cleaning specifications.

Laser Marking/Engraving: Our on-site laser marking department can engrave or mark almost any part with whatever information is required, saving a step in the production of finished parts.

Post Process Bake-Out: Blue M Electric oven to bake-out parts in oxygen-free atmosphere.

Custom Packaging: Many packaging options are available depending on your requirements, from bulk to sealed nitrogen-purged bags.

Titanium Electropolishing and Color Anodizing: In addition to electropolishing and passivating titanium parts to improve performance and corrosion resistance, we provide anodizing services that give them a colorful, dyd-free finish.


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