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Air Turbine Spindles™ patented governor increases air flow on demand. 
The difference: Spindle speed remains close to rated speeds at 25,000 rpm to 90,000 rpm with power - up to 1.4HP.  These direct drives accelerate programs by 6 – 10x, with no duty cycle.

The powerful 602JS, left, manually installed on a Haas TM2 in Toluca, milling C69800 brass at governed 65,000 rpm reduces production time from 45 mins to 7.5 mins per part - 800% faster.
With ultra low vibration, low heat and only two moving parts the 602 can be retrofitted on any machine, manually or with automatic toolchanging options.

Advancing 650"(16.5M) per minute milling RC62 tool steel, the powerful 40,000RPM 0.8HP 650CAT40 (pictured) reduces production time on this shoe mold from 7 hours to 55 minutes.
Air Turbine Spindles™ workhorse 650 features double front ceramic bearings with a double turbine X version producing extra power for constant high speed in harder materials and / or greater material removal. ER-11 collet capacities up to ¼" / 6mm are standard equipment together with a filter / extractor, keys and a 3/8" / 9 mm ID hose in a carrying case. 

At 6M per minute (236 IPM) and governed 50,000 rpm Air Turbine's 625CAT40 saves 15 hours on an aluminum mold for an automotive dashboard.
"We use a 6mm end mill with a 3mm radius on a Haas VF-9 CNC machine and we get great finish results at a cutting depth 0.05mm with table feed 6M per minute (236 IPM). We have a time saving on production of 15 hours on this part. No polishing is required on this part. We are pleased that secondary finishing is eliminated."

Company Profile

Air Turbine Spindles™ are powerful governed direct drive spindles with constant governed high speeds from 25,000 to 90,000 rpm while maintaining torque under load up to 80% of rated max power of 1.4HP.  Air Turbine Spindles™ save money and time for machine shops in thousands of applications, from CNC steel mold milling, pre-machining, finishing, drilling, deburring, engraving, graphite, metals, ceramics, composites, wood and plastics at constant high speeds with constant high power.
Our totally oil free products operate with only 2 moving parts (turbine + bearings) generating high speed and torque without gears, brushes or vanes. Air Turbine Spindles™ therefore operate with low friction and low vibration without lubrication. Low heat and thermal expansion result from this mechanism and circulation of turbine air cools the ceramic bearings.
Patented Air Turbine Spindles™ accelerate milling, drilling feed rates, improve finish quality, extend cutting tool life and eliminate problems with high frequency electric or geared spindles.

We retrofit all types of machines. Mounting can be manual or automatic. The unique TMA Auto Changer and Block load Air Turbine Spindles™ from almost any CNC carousel for integration of constant high speed in your programs to mill 24/7. Air Turbine Spindles™ are at work on Haas CNC, Fadal, Hurco, Mazak, Matsurra, DMG, Mori, Romi, EMCO, Fanuc, Hardinge and many other CNC's.
These constant high speed solutions will deliver a great finish, longer end mill life as well as freeing up your machine faster for an investment of $2,000 to $5,000.
Air Turbine Spindles™ is a division of Air Turbine Tools® - The pioneering developer of 150 patented governed low vibration hand tools, motor mounts and spindles. Made in the USA.
Air Turbine Technology, Inc.
1225 Broken Sound Parkway, NW Suite # D
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