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Product Categories of AutoCrib, Inc.

  • Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Tool Crib Control Software

Trade Names

  • AutoCrib
  • AutoLocker
  • EleVend
  • IntelliPort
  • MobileCrib
  • RoboCrib
  • VisiCab

As seen in MMS

A Square Hole for a Square Peg
Many industrial vending systems on the market today for MRO-related items are based on pie-like trays divided into wedges, a shape which doesn't easily accommodate square or rectangular packages. In contrast, AutoCrib’s TX750 vending system uses a carousel with adjustable slots to hold box-shaped contents.

AutoCrib Acquires Lauyans & Co. Storage System Assets
AutoCrib will integrate a vertical lift module system into its product offerings.

A Square Hole for a Square Peg
Putting square and rectangular boxes into wedge-shaped slots in a vending system isn’t the best use of the space. A tambour-style system with rectangular columns and adjustable shelving creates slots that better accommodate items with their packaging.

RFID Portal Manages Smaller Tool Cribs
AutoCrib will showcase the IntelliPort Lite radio frequency identification (RFID) portal. Designed to be cost-saving, the IntelliPort Lite mimics the traditional IntelliPort, but it is meant for smaller crib environments.

Inventory Tracking System for Smaller Crib Environments
AutoCrib offers IntelliPort Lite, a radio frequency identification (RFID) portal meant for smaller crib environments than its traditional IntelliPort product.

Tool Management Drives Process Standardization
From incoming order to final delivery, this aerospace component manufacturer strives to eliminate process variables. Airtight control of cutting tool inventory is critical to that effort.

Moving Forward In Order To Stay Put
This job shop’s commitment to lean allows its business to grow while it remains in the facility where it has to stay.

High-Capacity Industrial Vending Machine

Cycle-Counting Inventory Management Application