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Product Categories of Huot Manufacturing Co.

  • Multi-Machine Tool-Storage Systems
  • Tool Storage & Handling Systems
  • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

  • Bit Buddy
  • Drildex
  • Huot
  • Securitab
  • SpeedyScoot
  • SuperScoot
  • SuperTower
  • Toolscoot
  • ToolTower

As seen in MMS

Locking Cabinet Accommodates Three Toolholder Shelves
The Huot Wall Tree locker includes three toolholder shelves that available in all major tapers, and it can accommodate different taper toolholder shelves simultaneously.

Rolling Cabinet for CNC Toolholders
The Huot SecurityScoot cabinet features three shelves and two sets of doors, and is mounted on locking casters for mobility.

Machine Mount Rack Stores Toolholders
Huot’s machine mount rack for storing and organizing toolholders mounts on the front or side of a machine.

Storage Cabinet Accommodates 30 Toolholders
The Huot Workstation provides a solid, stable storage space with a functional top surface.

Tool Transport For 5S Applications
Economical tool transport for a variety of V-flange and HSK CNC-tool holders is available from Huot in the form of its ToolScoot Tree. Designed for 5S applications, it secures spanner wrenches, toolholders, collets and cutting tools in one central location.

Tool Storage For Toolholders
Huot Manufacturing is introducing a new line of products for KM63 toolholders. The offering includes a three-shelf version of the ToolScoot storage system as well as bench-top and wall-mount-style products. Each of the units feature specially molded nylon inserts to securely hold the KM63 toolholders. These rugged

Covers Protect Tooling, Provide Safety For Operators