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INDEX TRAUB:  World Leaders in Precision Turning Technology

The revolutionary new R200 turn / mill center
The revolutionary new R200 turn / mill center

The new 65mm R200 Turning/ Milling Center produces precision workpieces nearly twice as fast as any conventional turn-mill. Two powerful 18,000-rpm milling spindles moving freely in the Y and B axes and two moveable 5000-rpm work spindles both rough-machine and fine-turn in two independent subsystems at the same time. And the R200 can do 5-axis work on both spindles simultaneously.

TRAUB TNL18 Swiss turning + Production Turning
TRAUB TNL18 Swiss turning + Production Turning

Quick and precise with a huge tool capacity: The surprisingly affordable TRAUB TNL18 is a sliding headstock automatic and a CNC single-spindle bar automatic in one.Changing over in only minutes, the TNL18 can put 3 tools in the cut at once, features a quick-positioning top tool turret with a larger tool capacity than any gang carrier--up to 24 tools--and chip-to-chip time of 0.3 sec. A counterspindle with large X/Y/Z axis travels includes a 7-station tool carrier, each tool can be equipped with multiple holders.

MultiLine:  CNC Multi Spindle Machines
MultiLine: CNC Multi Spindle Machines

The INDEX MultiLine combines the benefits of traditional high production multispindle automatics with the benefits of modern CNC technology.

The newest addition to the line is the affordable MS40, another member of the long line of leading INDEX multispindles featuring unmatched versatilty, quick changeover,and wide open work area for easy access and superior chip shedding. 

For nearly unlimited operations on small workpieces from bar up to 40mm or for chucking up to 120mm, the MS40 feratures six fully independent liquid-cooled hollow-shaft CNC spindle drives each capable of 7000 rpm. The MS40C can be equipped with up to 35 axes, 12 identical CNC tool carriers with 1 or 2 axes plus 1 or 2 synchronized spindles with 150mm travel in Z and up to 6 tools for backworking.

Company Profile

The INDEX Group is one of the leading precision CNC turning machine manufacturers worldwide. The products of INDEX and TRAUB include single-spindle to multi-spindle to sliding headstock machines. Completing parts in one set-up is typical for INDEX and TRAUB machines. The corporate headquarters is located in Esslingen, Germany, with subsidiaries located around the world. Together with its network of distributors, INDEX Corporation is able to provide the best in application and service support to its customers, from its corporate headquarters in Noblesville, Indiana.

Product Categories of INDEX Corporation

  • Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
  • CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Toolholders
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Inverted Vertical, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
  • Universal Machining Centers

Trade Names

  • C
  • MS
  • MultiLine
  • R
  • RatioLine
  • Single Spindle CNC Automatic
  • Single Spindle CNC Bar Machine
  • Six Spindle CNC Bar Machine
  • Six Spindle CNC Chucker
  • Small Turning Center
  • SpeedLine
  • TNL
  • TNX
  • VerticalLine
  • Virtual Machine
  • WinFlex

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Spare Parts

Our Spare Parts team would be pleased to provide you with competent advice.  We supply spare parts in stock within 24 hours.

INDEX Product Range

 Numerous patents, new developments and innovative details can be attributed to the inventive spirit of INDEX.  Click this link for more details on our wide range of industry-leading turning machines.

TRAUB Product Range

At TRAUB we consider it our foremost duty to serve our customers.  TRAUB achieved and maintains its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of CNC turning and machining centers not only through advanced technology and excellence, but also through the development of a user-friendly product range and an extensive service network.


 As the technology leader, the INDEX Group offers more than just machine tools.  Our goal is to realize the most economic machining concept for your company.  Ask us - our innovative solutions guarantee the highest productivity for your manufacturing.


INDEX Corporation is dedicated to first class customer service.  Highly trained INDEX and TRAUB service engineers are conveniently located across the country.  Additional service is available through local distributors.

As seen in MMS

Turn-Mill Includes Motorized, Five-Axis, 18,000-rpm Milling Spindle
Index’s G220 turn-mill includes a motorized five-axis, 18,000-rpm milling spindle and a tool turret with Y axis.

Index Appoints Regional Sales Managers
Two new sales managers will oversee Canada and Latin America, respectively.

Automatic Lathe Features Front-Working Attachment
The Traub TNL31-11 automatic lathe available from Index features a front-working attachment on an additional cross-slide moving in the X and Z axes, providing freely positionable tools.

Six-Spindle CNC Lathe Features Modular Design
Index’s MS16 Plus six-spindle CNC lathe features a modular design.

Dynamic, Productive Sliding/Fixed-Headstock Lathe
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11-Axis Automatic Lathe to Be Demonstrated
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New Compact CNC Multi-Spindle Lathe
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Lathe More Efficient with Eight Spindles
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New Turn-Mill with Bevel Gear Capability
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Turn-Mill Cuts Cycle Times
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Turning Center’s Dual Drive Train Speeds Tool Transitions
The Traub TNL32-11 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe has a headstock movable in the Z axis, an upper and identical lower turret with X, Y and Z axes, and a counter spindle movable in the X and Z directions.

Six-Spindle Turning Center Provides 27 NC Axes
Index’s MS16 Plus lathe accommodates parts as large as 22 mm in diameter and is capable of turning, drilling, milling, tapping, deep-hole drilling or slotting in each of its six CNC spindles.

Hobbing Bevel Gears on a Turn-Mill Center
After deciding to manufacture bevel gears for its own purposes in-house, Index developed a “gear hobbing package” that transforms its R200 and R300 turn-mill centers into gear cutting machines.

Investing in Technology Is a Strategy. Figuring ROI Is a Strategic Tool.
This short article by Jeff Reinert, president of Index Corp., outlines the multi-step process for justifying an investment in the latest CNC machining technology. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) is a useful step in this process, but only one of the factors a manufacturer must consider in the decision to buy a new machine. Read the article here.

Modular Turning Center Equipped with Eight Spindles
Index will demonstrate its MS22C-8, a modular eight-spindle automatic CNC turning machine suitable for fast machining, especially of complex parts.

Index Adds Northwest Distributor
The distributor will serve Oregon and Washington customers.

Index Adds Northwest Dealer
A new distributor will serve Oregon and Washington.

Automatic Lathe Promotes High Production Rates
Developed for high-production turning, the 42-mm TNK42 fixed-headstock automatic lathe from Traub produces complex workpieces in large and medium volumes ranging to 250-mm long.

Index Announces North American Sales Manager
Former Tornos Technologies sales and marketing manager will oversee sales for Index and Traub across three countries.

Automotive Industry is Booming in Germany
Before heading off to Esslingen, Germany (near Stuttgart) to help Index celebrate its 100th anniversary, my publisher told me that the area is “the Detroit of Germany.” I soon found that to be an apt description as a large number of shops I visited were heavily vested in automotive manufacturing. What’s even more noteworthy is that business was booming.