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A Special Message from INDEX Corporation

INDEX TRAUB:  World Leaders in Precision Turning Technology

The revolutionary new R200 turn / mill center
The revolutionary new R200 turn / mill center

The new 65mm R200 Turning/ Milling Center produces precision workpieces nearly twice as fast as any conventional turn-mill. Two powerful 18,000-rpm milling spindles moving freely in the Y and B axes and two moveable 5000-rpm work spindles both rough-machine and fine-turn in two independent subsystems at the same time. And the R200 can do 5-axis work on both spindles simultaneously.

TRAUB TNL18 Swiss turning + Production Turning
TRAUB TNL18 Swiss turning + Production Turning

Quick and precise with a huge tool capacity: The surprisingly affordable TRAUB TNL18 is a sliding headstock automatic and a CNC single-spindle bar automatic in one.Changing over in only minutes, the TNL18 can put 3 tools in the cut at once, features a quick-positioning top tool turret with a larger tool capacity than any gang carrier--up to 24 tools--and chip-to-chip time of 0.3 sec. A counterspindle with large X/Y/Z axis travels includes a 7-station tool carrier, each tool can be equipped with multiple holders.

MultiLine:  CNC Multi Spindle Machines
MultiLine: CNC Multi Spindle Machines

The INDEX MultiLine combines the benefits of traditional high production multispindle automatics with the benefits of modern CNC technology.

The newest addition to the line is the affordable MS40, another member of the long line of leading INDEX multispindles featuring unmatched versatilty, quick changeover,and wide open work area for easy access and superior chip shedding. 

For nearly unlimited operations on small workpieces from bar up to 40mm or for chucking up to 120mm, the MS40 feratures six fully independent liquid-cooled hollow-shaft CNC spindle drives each capable of 7000 rpm. The MS40C can be equipped with up to 35 axes, 12 identical CNC tool carriers with 1 or 2 axes plus 1 or 2 synchronized spindles with 150mm travel in Z and up to 6 tools for backworking.

Company Profile

INDEX Corporation HQ Noblesville, IN

The INDEX Group is one of the leading precision CNC turning machine manufacturers worldwide. The products of INDEX and TRAUB include single-spindle to multi-spindle to sliding headstock machines. Completing parts in one set-up is typical for INDEX and TRAUB machines. The corporate headquarters is located in Esslingen, Germany, with subsidiaries located around the world. Together with its network of distributors, INDEX Corporation is able to provide the best in application and service support to its customers, from its corporate headquarters in Noblesville, Indiana.

Product Categories of INDEX Corporation

  • CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • CNC Swiss Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Tool Holders & Adapters
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Inverted Vertical, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Twin-Turret
  • Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC

Trade Names

  • C
  • MS
  • MultiLine
  • R
  • RatioLine
  • Single Spindle CNC Automatic
  • Single Spindle CNC Bar Machine
  • Six Spindle CNC Bar Machine
  • Six Spindle CNC Chucker
  • Small Turning Center
  • SpeedLine
  • TNL
  • TNX
  • VerticalLine
  • Virtual Machine
  • WinFlex


Deep Links

As seen in MMS

Index to Celebrate Anniversary with April Open House
The company is celebrating anniversaries of its parent company and subsidiary.

Vincennes University Supports Manufacturing Education
VU has established relationships with Hurco and Index to provide real-world tools and experiences for its students.

Control Package Helps Speed Production
After cutting precision parts in one third of the original time, Task Force Tips was able to justify its initial investment in an Index automatic production lathe fitted with a Siemens control package.

Universal Turning Machine Enables Simultaneous Machining
The Index IT600 65-mm universal turning machine is designed for machining small to medium batch sizes of workpieces including automotive parts, mechanical parts and other job shop assignments.

Flexible Swiss Turning with B Axis
Index’s Traub TNL18 sliding-/fixed-headstock automatic lathe is equipped with seven linear axes and an additional B-axis on the upper tool turret.

Universal Turning Machine For Simultaneous Machining
The Index IT600 universal turning machine is designed for small to medium batches of automotive and mechanical parts.

Compact CNC Multi-Spindle Lathe Performs Turning Center Operations
The Index MS16C compact six-spindle CNC automatic production lathe is designed for the cam-driven multi-spindle market.

New Index Multi-Spindle IMTS Debut
Stop by the Index booth (S-8450) and see for yourself an example of where multi-spindle technology is headed.

Turn-Mill Offers Independent, Five-Axis Subsystems
Index’s R300 combines two complete five-axis machining systems, each with one quill-guided motorized milling spindle and one assigned work spindle, for complete machining of complex parts.

Sliding/Fixed Headstock Lathe Adds B Axis for Complex Machining
Index’s Traub TNL18-7B sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe features seven linear axes and an additional B axis for particularly challenging machining tasks.

Eight Spindles for Complex Parts
Index’s MS22C-8 from its Multiline series is a modular eight-spindle machine that is designed for machining complex parts.

Road Report: Wish You Were Here, Day 3
Where in the world is Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining? Today, he's learning about the latest manufacturing technology in southern Germany.

Why Shops Are Looking More to Swiss-Types
These days, more traditional job shops are installing—or at least eyeing—Swiss-types. Here are some reasons why.

Sliding Headstock Automatic for Swiss and Production Turning
The TRAUB TNL18 production turning machine is capable of five-axis machining of 20-mm-diameter bar for long and short parts in a single setup.

Sliding Headstock Automatic Lathes
The TNL18 and the TNL18P are sliding headstock automatic lathes designed to be changed over quickly to produce precision parts with or without a guide bushing.

Sliding Headstock Automatic for Swiss and Production Turning
The Traub TNL18 P production turning machine is capable of five-axis machining in a single setup.

Turn-Mill Designed For Parallel Use
Index’s R200 turn-mill center features two motorized milling spindles that can perform in two independent sub-systems, including five-axis machining.

Turn-Mill With New Fanuc CNC
 The C100 series of production turn-mill centers features the Fanuc 31i CNC option. With three 14-position tool turrets and identical main and counterspindles, the centers are designed for fast, cost-competitive production of medium-complexity turned parts from barstock ranging from 30 to 42 mm diameter, the company says. Said to be ideal for small- to medium-lot sizes, the three-turret machines deliver high performance within a small footprint, and are targeted to handle fixed-headstock work often run on Swiss-type machines.

High Production Turn-Mill Centers
The C100 series of production turn-mill centers are versatile, high production machines linked in real-time to the company’s Virtual Machine programming and simulation suite. Virtual Machine includes user software that is a mirror of the real machine configuration. The data allow users to program, set up and operate the “virtual machine” in exactly the same way as the real machine.

Turn-Mill Touted As Alternative To Swiss-Type Lathes