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A Special Message from Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.

Partner for Modern Technology

Partner for Modern Technology

Leistritz is a developer, manufacturer and worldwide marketer of engineered products for the transportation, power generation and process industries. Our products are developed in close relationship with demanding customers and designed to meet tough specifications. Manufacturing is based on state of the art machines and processes and our production facilities are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard. Our customer service is backed by a world wide marketing and after sales organization. With LEISTRITZ, you get customer tailored technology and products that don't shy away from challenging demands.

Product Categories of Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.

  • Broaching Machines, Vertical
  • Burnishing Tools (Roller)
  • Burnishing, Honing & Lapping Tools
  • End Finishing
  • Endworking Tools
  • Facing Tools/Heads
  • Form Tools
  • Gear Hobbing Machines
  • Gear Rolling Machines
  • Grinding Machines, Thread
  • Key Seaters
  • Key Seating Tools
  • Profile Rolling Machines
  • Roll Finishing Machines
  • Roll Forming & Bending Machines
  • Thread Cutting Machines
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Thread Rolling Attachments
  • Thread Rolling Machines
  • Thread Rolls & Dies
  • Thread Whirling Attachments
  • Thread Whirling Tools
  • Threading Tools

Trade Names

  • Burnishing Equipment
  • Carbide Inserted Form Tools
  • Facing & Centering Machines
  • Facing & Centering Tooling
  • Hard Whirling Machines
  • Hydraulic Key Seating Machines
  • Innovation Internal Whirling Machines
  • Key Seating Tooling
  • Key Seating Tools
  • Leistritz EBM Machines
  • Leistritz Tooling
  • Leistritz Whirling Machines
  • Peeling Equipment for PC Pumps
  • Polyjet Keyseating Machines
  • Polymat Key Seaters
  • Polymat Tooling
  • PowerMill Hobbing & Milling machine
  • RT series of Rolling Machines by Thommen
  • Thommen Rolling Machines
  • Whirling Machines

Deep Links

Whirling Based Solutions Whirling offers a decisive advantage in cutting threads, screw forms, worms... anything with a pitch. When integrated with other techniques, it creates a rich spectrum of total solutions.

Thread Rolling Machines Thommen machines can meet your thread rolling, knurling and roller burnishing applications.

Flatform Tools Flatform Tools for the production of lathe parts.

Product Announcements Provided By Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.

End Finishing Machines

Key Seating Machines

Turning Tools

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Whirling Machine for Reduced Cycle Times
Leistritz will display its LWN-90 whirling machine.

End-Finishing Tool System Performs Multiple Operations
Leistritz Advanced Technologies will display a range of precision cutting tools, including an end-finishing tool system that can perform as many as five operations on tubing and shaft ends in one work cycle.

Leistritz Appoints CFO
Robert Richter’s responsibilities cover the corporation’s Pump, Machine Tool, Turbine Component and Extruder business units.

Leistritz Appoints President
Jeffery de Vaul has worked for the company over 20 years in various capacities.

CNC Keyseater Offers Flexible Programming
Leistritz offers its CNC keyseaters, designed for control and flexibility in producing straight, accurate keyways.

Whirling Machine Threads Bone Screws

High-Throughput Thread Whirling Machine(2)

High-Throughput Thread Whirling Machine

A Quick Look Inside Internal Thread Whirling
Using choreographed movement of workpiece and oscillating tool, internal thread whirling can produce difficult helical threads inside parts such as ballscrew nuts.

Whirling Machines