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Mitsubishi Carbide Corporate Profile Providing Solutions in Manufacturing Process Technologies Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.

Miracle High Precision Ball Nose End Mill (Miracle Nova)

Miracle Nova Solid Carbide End Mill Introduction Mitsubishi Materials USA Corportion introduces Miracle Nova solid carbide end mills.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Mitsubishi WSX445

Double-Sided Face Milling Cutter Improves Performance
Mitsubishi Materials’ WSX445 double-sided, insert-type face milling cutter is designed to improve cutting performance by balancing high efficiency and low cutting forces.

Mitsubishi Materials IMX end mills

Carbide End Mills Handle Heat-Resistant Materials
Mitsubishi Materials’ IMX-series end mills feature a “carbide-on-carbide” face-taper contact connection with through-head coolant for machining of heat-resistant alloys.

End Mills Enable Hexalobular Shapes
Mitsubishi Materials’ VQ-XL Series three- and four-flute end mills enable the machining of precision hexalobular (T4, T6, T8, T15, T25 and T40) shapes common to bone screws in a two-step process: drill, then helical mill.

Mitsubishi Materials Becomes Tooling Provider for Roush Yates Engines
Roush Yates companies produce engine components for NASCAR’s premier racing series.

Mitsubishi Materials USA helical broaches

Helical Broaches for Automatic Transmission Plants
Mitsubishi Materials USA offers helical broaches designed to produce internal ring gears in automatic transmission plants.

Mitsubishi Materials AXD4000 series milling cutters

Milling Cutters Resist Fracture
Mitsubishi Materials has expanded its AXD4000 series of milling cutters with GM breakers in MP9120 and TF15 grades.

Mitsubishi Materials USA helical broaches

Helical Broaches Produce Internal Ring Gears
Mitsubishi Materials USA will display its helical broaches designed for the production of internal ring gears in automatic transmission plants.

Mitsubish Materials bevel gear blades

Bevel Blades Designed for Gear Metals
Mitsubishi Materials USA’s Hard Materials division will showcase its tungsten carbide bevel gear blades intended for OEMS and end-users.

Solid Carbide End Mill Controls Vibration
Mitsubishi Materials’ Smart Miracle solid carbide end mill series feature irregular helical flutes that aid in vibration control.

Mitsubishi Materials BC8020 coated cBN grade

Grade Recommended for Hardened Steel Turning
Mitsubishi Materials’ BC8020 coated CBN grade features 31 specific geometries designed to handle turning applications in hardened steel that are unstable or interrupted cutting.

Steel Cutting Grade For High Speed Turning Applications
Mitsubishi Materials offers the UE6105 steel cutting grade. This grade represents the latest two-in-one, nano-texture coating technology designed for increased wear resistance at high surface feet per minute.


Grooving System Optimizes Rigidity, Accuracy
Mitsubishi Carbide’s GY grooving system is designed to optimize rigidity and accuracy. Flexibility is configured to maintain overall strength comparable to a mono-block-type holder. The Tri-Lock system secures a modular blade from three directions.

Cutting To The Model
This mold shop's cutting tool strategies help it eliminate hand spotting altogether by machining complex molds directly to the CAD model.

One Insert For More Operations
Conventional wisdom about standard milling operations has always been that compared to square shoulder cutters, lead angle cutters are easier on the spindle, can be run at higher table feed rates, and cut freer. Finishes are typically better and, with the addition of a wiper flat insert, finishes could be further improved. Due to the chip thinning attributes of this type of cutter, actual table feeds can be more rapid, albeit at the sacrifice of some depth of cut compared to a zero lead cutter.

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Chamfering Tools
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
End Mills
Gear Cutting Tools
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Milling Cutters
Threading Tools

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Company Profile

Mitsubishi Carbide Corporate Profile Providing Solutions in Manufacturing Process Technologies Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. Corporation was founded in 1984 with a Charter to provide solutions in manufacturing process technologies to companies in North America. Mitsubishi Materials’ name is tantamount as being a leader in technology, quality, and product offering; having talented employees; and as a partner with leading customers in diverse industries. Mitsubishi Materials’ corporate investment in R&D programs focuses on market driven businesses. The Company’s focused and steadily increased capital expenditures on Fabricated Metal Products business assures a continued premier position in technology, supported by world-class manufacturing process capabilities. Mitsubishi Materials’ three-diamond logo stands for what a discerning customer can expect from our Materials, products, services and the people representing the company. Mitsubishi Carbides’ manufacturing plants are world-class operations worldwide and are committed to environmentally sound manufacturing operations. We serve a number of industries such as automotive, heavy machinery, aerospace, electronics, oil, mining, construction and general manufacturing. Mitsubishi Materials offers two Customer Service offices, Farmington Hills, Michigan at 800-489-2944 and Irvine, California at 800-523-0800. Through expertise and commitment our trained and highly motivated professionals can assist you with details of price, availability, how to obtain our exciting line of performance-oriented products and more. The Chicago based office is a Marketing and Technical function which offers assistance with tool selection and applications know-how in conjunction with revolutionary tooling at 800-486-2341. Technical training available at the Chicago office is designed to focus attention on all aspects of new technology and techniques intended to improve strengths of customer relationships while helping them achieve their goals of maximizing productivity. The efficiency which our tools operate is a direct measure of the value brought to our customers. For additional information of Mitsubishi Carbide products, please telephone any above numbers, fax 949-862-5180 or e-mail to Web Site address: Harder, Tougher, Forward Thinking

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Miracle High Precision Ball Nose End Mill (Miracle Nova)

Miracle Nova Solid Carbide End Mill Introduction Mitsubishi Materials USA Corportion introduces Miracle Nova solid carbide end mills. By adapting a new design for high precision combined with enhanced Miracle coating, great reductions in the finishing process of die and mold machining is realized. Miracle Nova emphasizes greater importance to edge design thus producing an ideal surface finish. Miracle Nova maintains the radius tolerance of + or – 0.002mm, the diameter tolerance of 0 to -0.01mm and shank tolerance of h5 for VC2PSBP type tool. Mitsubishi Carbide’s innovative approach to metal cutting makes us # 1 in our industry with our customers. Visit us on our web site at; call Customer Service at 1-800-523-0800 or technical services at 1-800-486-2341. Our trained professionals can assist you with our performance products.