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Mass Finishing in a Less Frenetic Fashion
While most finishing processes use a large vibratory tumbler, parts with complex or delicate features need a softer touch.

Mass Finishing in a Less Frenetic Fashion
Finishing systems with robotic loading capability can enable complex parts to be deburred, polished or smoothed without bumping into each other and causing them to be damaged.

Surface Finishing System Shortens Cycle Times
Rosler’s Surf finishing machine uses an automated surface finishing process designed for deburring, surface grinding, smoothing and polishing of components with complex geometries.

Mini-Drag Finisher Enables Repeatable Processes
Rosler offers its R-SF line of efficient mini-drag machines for precise, repeatable finishing processes suited to a range of components, from propellers and golf clubs to artificial joints and dental implants.

Shot-Blasting Wheels Increase Media Flow
Rosler Metal Finishing offers Rutten long-life turbines for shot-blasting machines with its Curved C and Gamma Y throwing blades.

Wet-Blast Machines Eliminate Surface Impregnation
Rosler’s KS series of wet blast machines are designed to provide uniform media flow and improved finish control.

Roller Conveyor Handles Large Components
Rosler’s RRB roller conveyor shot blast system is designed for descaling, rust and paint removal, and general cleaning applications.

Mini-Drag Machines Eliminate Impingement
Rosler Metal Finishing offers its R-SF mini-drag machine designed to provide quality finishes and precise, repeatable processes.

Tumble-Blast Machine Resists Wear
Rosler Metal Finishing offers a brochure on its Multi-Tumbler tumble-blast machine.

Disk Finisher for Deburring Applications
Rosler’s FKS centrifugal disk finisher is designed for deburring, surface grinding and radiusing applications as well as polishing stampings, castings and machined parts.

Vibratory Bowls Process Delicate Parts
Rosler’s R series rotary vibratory bowls are automation-friendly machines offering usable volumes from 1.8 to 30 cu. ft.

Mobile Trough Machines for Small Components
Rosler’s new line of RMO mobile trough machines operate at 3,600 rpm and are said to provide high grinding power.

Mobile Trough Machine Offers Process Integration
Rosler’s RMO mobile trough machine is well-suited for processing small, intricate parts.

Batch Blast Machines Designed for Continuous Performance and Low Maintenance
Rosler’s multi-tumbling batch blast machines feature a special rotary barrel design to improve blast coverage.

Semi-Automatic Centrifuge Reduces Water, Compound Consumption
Rosler’s Z800 HA semi-automatic centrifuge is designed for process water treatment and recirculation in mass finishing and wet blasting applications.

Rosler Unveils New Manufacturing Campus
Rosler Metal Finishing USA, a supplier of surface finishing equipment and consumables, recently celebrated the expansion of its facility in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Mini-Drag Machines Eliminate Impingement
Rosler says its R-SF mini-drag machine features greater grinding power than common rotary vibrators and is designed to eliminate impingement between delicate components.