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A Message from Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

Replace gages and manual inspection equipment

ZEISS DuraMax eliminates the need for fixed gauges.

Fusion of the best sensor technology

More than any other company, ZEISS uses its expertise in the fields of optics and industrial metrology to create new, pioneering products.

PiWeb—All data. One software

ZEISS PiWeb was developed to make the display and analysis of your measurement data easier than ever before.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Zeiss Comet L3D 2

3D Sensor Enables Flexible, Efficient Measurement
Zeiss will feature its Comet L3D 2, a compact member of its family of 3D sensors that enables easy and fast measurements.

stylus system

Real-World Precision Is an Active Pursuit
As with any choice of technologies, choosing between active and passive CMM scanning requires thinking beyond specification sheets and staying abreast of what’s on the market.

facility opening

Zeiss Opens Facility Dedicated to Car Body Metrology, Automated Inspection
The company says that the new center is focused on educating customers.

scanning a bore

Active Scanning Collects Complete Bore ID Form Data
Complete form measurement data on complex bore interiors helps this specialist in precision tubular components hollow out an even more competitive niche.

Zeiss Announces New Metrology Distributor
MSI-Viking Gage will distribute to the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico.

Zeiss Metrotom

Extended CT Scanner Can Handle Taller Workpieces
Zeiss offers two computed tomography (CT) scanners: the Zeis Metrotom 800, with an extended performance spectrum, and the Zeiss Metrotom 1500.

Zeiss Comet L3D 2 3D sensor line

3D Sensor System Offers Measurement Flexibility
Zeiss says its Comet L3D 2 compact 3D sensor line features sensor technology and project-oriented software to enable easy and reliable 3D data capture.

Zeiss ribbon cutting

Zeiss Opens Metrology Service Center in Nashville
The facility will house various machines for customers in the Southeastern United States.

Zeiss Metrotom

Zeiss Expands Performance Spectrum of Its Computer Tomographs
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Zeiss DotScan

New Sensor Family Shines White Light on the Subject
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Zeiss Opens Metrology Service Center
The new facility offers services and technology to customers in the Northeast United States.

Zeiss DuraMax HTG CMM

Updated CMM Operates under Wider Temperature Conditions
The enhanced Zeiss DuraMax HTG (high temperature and gradients) coordinate measuring machine is now more insensitive to mechanical vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Carl Zeiss Acquires Coordinate Measurement Specialists
The acquired Michigan company has been renamed Carl Zeiss Metrology Services Inc.

Carl Zeiss Metrology O-Inspect

Multi-Sensor Measuring Machine Line Expanded
Zeiss has expanded its O-Inspect multi-sensor measuring machine line to provide more flexibility for a wider range of applications.

Carl Zeiss Metrology Contura CMM

Work Area Options Enable CMM to Measure Large Gears
Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s Contura CMM is available with four larger measuring ranges, ranging from 900 × 1,200 × 800 mm to 1,200 × 2,400 × 1,000 mm.

Working Toward Lights-Out Inspection
Contract shop PDQ is developing a process to enable its new CMM to inspect multiple parts unattended, thereby minimizing the impact that part measurement has on the company’s bottom line.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology Contura CMM

CMMs Expand Measuring Ranges
Zeiss Industrial Metrology now offers its Contura CMM in four larger measuring sizes.

Zeiss Contura CMM

CMMs Available in Larger Sizes
The Zeiss Contura coordinate measuring machine is now available in four larger measuring ranges, including 900 × 1,200 × 800 mm, 900 × 1,600 × 800 mm, 1,200 × 1,800 × 1,000 mm, and 1,200 × 2,400 × 1,000 mm.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology Contura CMM

CMM Scans Circular Features Faster
Zeiss Industrial Metrology’s Contura CMM features navigator technology for active sensors, which enables faster scanning of circular features while also increasing accuracy.

Zeiss Contura CMM

CMM Provides Range of Measuring Volumes, Sensors
Zeiss offers the next generation of its Contura coordinate measuring machine featuring a variety of optical sensors and eight different sizes for measuring volumes ranging from 700 × 700 × 600 mm to 1,200 × 2,400 × 1,000 mm.

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