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ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is a new quarterly supplement to both Modern Machine Shop and MoldMaking Technology magazines. The supplement covers technologies that build complex components layer by layer, focusing on the ways these technologies are used to make functional products such as production tooling and end-use manufactured parts. To subscribe to this supplement, visit the subscription page by clicking “Magazine” in the Subscribe links above. Click here to view the electronic supplement.

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Additive Manufacturing Digital Editions

Additive Manufacturing is the new publication devoted to the use of additive technology for making functional parts. Read current and past issues by visiting our digital library.

6 Things You Might Not Know about Making Metal Parts through Additive Manufacturing

By: Peter Zelinski
Like any other manufacturing process, additive manufacturing has process considerations all its own.

Desktop 3D Printer as Job Shop Resource

By: Peter Zelinski
The low-cost 3D printer in this shop supports machining by simplifying prototyping and producing usable hardware—including vise jaws.

CAM Software Enhances AWJ as an Additive Process

By: Mark Albert
Intelli-CAM from Omax Corp is especially tailored for the needs of AWJ machine users. This CAM software provides features that support additive manufacturing applications.

Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference, April 19-23

By: Peter Zelinski
A major additive manufacturing event returns to Jacksonville, Florida, with a program that addresses industrial production.

3D Printers Reduce Printing Time for Complex Geometries

By: Edited by Stephanie Monsanty
The Fortus 450mc and Fortus 380mc 3D printers from Stratasys are said to provide improved reliability, speed and accessibility.

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