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VMC Efficiently Processes Long Workpieces

Mazak’s Variaxis i-700 is designed to efficiently process long workpieces and those requiring precision-machined, complex curved surfaces in single setups.

Five-Axis HMC Designed for Small Aerospace Parts

Makino’s a61nx-5E five-axis horizontal machining center is well-suited for the production of complex aluminum aerospace parts, including small components with 3D contours.

Aqueous Cleaner for Aircraft Composites

The Boeing Company and Spirit AeroSystems have approved Petroferm’s CleanSafe 787C aqueous cleaner for use on carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

Sliding Headstock Automatic for Swiss and Production Turning

 The TRAUB TNL18 production turning machine is capable of five-axis machining in a single setup.

Laser Calibration and Volumetric Error Compensation

 The MCV-5002 is a laser calibration package for the calibration and 3D volumetric error compensation of CNC machine tools, CMMs, and large, five-axis gantry-type machines for the aerospace industry.

Cutting Tools for Titanium, Aluminum and Composite Aerospace Components

 The company offers a range of Cyclo Cut cutting tools and Cyclo Cool metalworking fluids designed and blended for all aspects of aerospace machining.

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