Posted by: 27. November 2013

How Can We Help You?


Don’t you love sitting down with a print magazine, thumbing through the pages and realizing that every article has something interesting to read about? Or, maybe you prefer to scroll through your Twitter feed to catch up on manufacturing industry news while waiting in line to get your cup of coffee. How about getting interesting blog posts sent directly to your inbox through a weekly e-newsletter?

Whatever your preferred way of getting information is, we’d love to find out more. You can help us create a more effective and streamlined means of sharing information by taking our Media Usage Survey. In the end, this means we will deliver the content you want in the form you prefer. And, since this improving communication thing is a two-way street, Gardner Business Media, publisher of Modern Machine Shop, will share the results to help you, in turn, better communicate with your customers. Take the survey.

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