Posted by: 11. July 2013

New Outreach Video: What Is It Like to Study Manufacturing?

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We recently finished the latest in our ongoing series of videos aimed at informing young people about careers in manufacturing. This five-minute film looks at a student team from Rock Valley College working on a real-world project for a contract manufacturer, Clinkenbeard. For prospective students who don’t have a clear idea of what studying manufacturing might entail, this video illustrates the kind of knowledge and experience that students pursue in preparation for manufacturing careers. It will be sent on DVD, along with a discussion guide, to about 4,800 middle schools and high schools.

(When I said “we” in the first sentence above, I meant the supporters of this project, the SME Education Foundation and AMT—the Association For Manufacturing Technology. I also meant Todd and Paul of Creative Technology, who did the filming and production work. Thanks to all. See an earlier video in this series here.)

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