Posted by: 9. April 2012

What Does Lean Actually Mean?

Not every shop or company claiming to be “lean” is operating from the same definition of that term. Lean manufacturing refers to something more specific than best practices, and something other than learning to do more with less. “Lean” is, instead, a defined methodology that has particular objectives and a specific set of principles.

BlueSwarf CEO Greg Eckerman recently created this presentation providing an overview of the purpose and practice of lean. The presentation is valuable not only as an introduction to lean, but also as an aid to ensure that everyone within an organization is thinking about lean the same way. Employee participation is essential to the success of a lean transformation. Eighty percent of the effort in this transformation relates to culture change, Mr. Eckerman says. If your facility is considering a move to lean, consider sharing the link to this presentation with employees.  

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