CNC End Face And OD Peel Grinder

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Developed by Ulmer Werkzeug Schleiftechnik for machining tungsten carbide and HSS tool blank tips, the CNC SF 40 Reinecker is now available from Efficient Mfg. Technologies. The grinding machine offers accuracy, high speed metal removal and long grinding wheel life when used for simple or complex shaping of radii or steps in virtually any combination, according to the manufacturer.


When used with grinding wheels with diameters as large as 14" (350 mm), the system can achieve surface speeds as high as 28,000 sfm. A universal chucking system facilitates the application of various types of fixtures. In addition, manually-operated loading enables tool blanks to be machined to a diameter of 32 mm, with a length of 320 mm, while a measuring system provides workpiece positioning and coolant control.


An optional loading system enables automatic operations and can be used for blank diameters ranging from 6 mm to 25 mm, with lengths ranging from 70 mm to 250 mm.


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