Machining Strategy for Five-Axis Shape Offset Machining

Five-axis contour offset roughing and finishing has been added to Open Mind’s hyperMill software.

New Product From: 2/13/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Five-axis contour offset roughing and finishing has been added to Open Mind’s hyperMill software. This machining strategy is designed to save time when creating CAM programs for parts with arched hub surfaces. It is said to be well-suited for cavities in mold and tool engineering as well as parts such as turbine housings, structured aerospace components, negative tire molds and side panels.
According to the company, approximately 90 percent of all CAM strategies traditionally are based on the assumption of two main orientations: the tool axis (Z axis) and the standard axis perpendicular to it. This is ideal for working in what is primarily a flat world. However, parts such as tire molds or engine casings tend to be arched rather than flat. The new machining strategy turns the arched surface into the standard surface, enabling the tool to work at any point at a 90-degree angle. NC programs can be created quickly and with ease, the company says.
The tool adjusts itself perpendicularly to the hub surface to minimize undercuts. Each pocket and profile can be machined cleanly, the company says. The strategy works with a variety of tool shapes, including end mills, bullnose end mills, ballnose end mills and conical milling tools. The tool angle is calculated for machining either from the hub surfaces of the model or from a guide surface.
The machining strategy can be combined with the hyperMaxx module for high-performance roughing. This machining strategy, fully integrated with hyperMill, is designed to optimize milling paths and maximize material removal to reduce machining times.


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